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About Us

Rays Herbals is an authentic Indian herbal brand in the skincare and haircare segment. Our serum-based solutions are prepared from natural ingredients and are non-toxic. They are extracted by natural processes to preserve their purity.

We aim to provide holistic solutions to rejuvenate your skin and hair and make you look younger, look better. We have a range of high quality products for skin and hair for men and women that have repeatedly given results. Unlike many foreign cosmetics that use chemicals, our entire range of products are 100% natural.

Skin Conditions

Skin disorders have different levels of symptoms and severity. These conditions may be major, minor or permanent.

Skin conditions Rays Herbals

Post Acne Marks

This is most common among teenagers that may cause scars and distress, a skin condition where oil glands in the skin become clogged forming pimples and cysts, leaving behind stubborn marks on your face and body.


Melanin is a pigment that renders colour to our skin. Due to stress and low immunity levels melanin production in our skin gets disturbed and hence causes darkening or pigmentation in few areas of our skin.

Skin Damage

Damage occurred to your skin due to usage of cosmetic products and soaps with harsh chemicals leads to reduction of nourishment in your skin.

Melasma & Dark Spots

Melasma is a common skin problem which causes patches and discolouration on your skin. Birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy, stress, sun exposure, and Thyroid, can all trigger Melasma.

Age Spots

This condition is a result of excessive production of melanin or skin pigment caused mostly due to sun or UV light exposure.


Darkening of the skin colour due to exposure to the sun and UV radiation.

Hair Conditions

Hair conditions can range from mild to severe and often affects the confidence of a person.

Hair Fall

Hair fall can happen due to various reasons ranging from pollution to poor scalp health.


Baldness may be hereditary and early care can help reduce the symptoms.


Dandruff is a common skin condition in which the skin on the scalp begins to flake. Though not a serious condition, it may cause embarrassment.

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